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Gold Coins

Just wondering what people got with their gold coins from the event.  I got 2 gold coins and got the following

1.  1 star - Tomax

2.  1 star - Countdown

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1.   2 star EP - Snake Eyes

2.  1 star EP - Duke

2 Star Shipwreck, 1 Star Roadblock.

R1 Dr Mindbender

R1 Duke

R1 Cobra Commander

R2 Cobra Commander

R2 Destro

R1 Zartan

R2 Roadblock
R1 Duke

10 golds, 1 R2 Roadblock was the highlight.  The rest were Dr.Mindbender/Crimson guards/Zarana or equally subpar.

1x regular  r2 zarana

2x r1 jinx

1x r2 CC

1x r1 coundown

1x r2 firefly

R1 Cobra Commander (score) R2 Serpentor (fodder) R2 Shipwreck (fodder) R2 Firefly (meh)