AVAC (Elite) UC2
AVAC (Elite) UC2
Evolution Line
AVAC (Elite) UC1AVAC (Elite) UC2
AVAC (Elite) R3AVAC (Elite) R4
Rarity Uncommon
Evolution 2
Faction Cobra Firebat Pilot
File Name Classified
I feel the need...: Raise TAC and AGI of self. (32-70%)
Firebat Master (LOCKED): The Firebat deals damage to four random targets. (8-20%)
The elite AVAC pilots are specially trained to fly the Firebat. AVAC pilots relish the challenge of 'real' flying, in which their control and calculations determine whether they succeed or whether they go down in flames. They are chose for their utter fearlessness as much as their impressive piloting skills.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 1728 unknown 4693
ATK Attack 1944 unknown 5265
DEF Defense 1284 unknown 3471
AGI Agility 1464 unknown 3952
TAC Tactic 1608 unknown 5681

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