Alpine (Cobra Funhouse) EP4
Alpine (Cobra Funhouse) EP4
Evolution Line
Alpine (Cobra Funhouse) R1Alpine (Cobra Funhouse) R2
Alpine (Cobra Funhouse) EP3Alpine (Cobra Funhouse) EP4
Rarity Epic
Evolution 4
Faction G. I. Joe Mountain Trooper
File Name Pine, Albert M.
Carry the One: When struck, raise the ATK and DEF of self and all allies. (50-100%)
Onsight Crux: Deal heavy ATK damage to two random targets. (11-30%)
If you can pound pitons into it, Alpine can climb it. If it has double-column entries, he can balance it. Alpine approached both climbing and accounting with the same enthusiasm. He never tires of reminding others that the FBI brings more bad guys to justice through bookkeeping than it does by kicking down doors.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 6228 12444 unknown
ATK Attack 6048 12096 unknown
DEF Defense 3336 6672 unknown
AGI Agility 6384 7860 9760
TAC Tactic 5964 7344 9118

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