Baroness (Event) EP3
Baroness (Event) EP3
Evolution Line
Baroness (Event) R1Baroness (Event) R2
Baroness (Event) EP3Baroness (Event) EP4
Rarity Epic
Evolution 3
Faction G. I. Joe Double Agent
File Name Decobray, Anastasia
Mind Games: Cripple the TAC of a single target. (40-80%)
Serpent Strike: Often deal heavy ATK damage and poison 3 random targets. (15-40%)
Maybe once the most dangerous agent within Cobra, in an alternate universe Baroness acts as a double-agent sowing discord within The Enemy's organization. She trusts only her aide, Lelia, and she pins or her lost love-a Joe MOBAT pilot called Steeler.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP n/a n/a 9927
ATK Attack n/a n/a 11646
DEF Defense n/a n/a 8359
AGI Agility n/a n/a 12031
TAC Tactic n/a n/a 11241

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