Bazooka (Event) UC2
Bazooka (Event) UC2
Evolution Line
Bazooka (Event) UC1Bazooka (Event) UC2
Bazooka (Event) R3Bazooka (Event) R4
Rarity Uncommon
Evolution 2
Faction G.I. Joe Missile Specialist
File Name Katzenbogen, David L.
Stunning Blast: Deal TAC-based damage with a chance to stun. (11-30%)
Sgt. Bazooka was driving an Abrams tank in the "Third Horde" when he came to the realization that a farmer armed with a $200 disposable rocket launcher could knock out a million dollar tank with less than two weeks of training. He put in for a transfer immediately.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP n/a n/a 2275
ATK Attack n/a n/a 3094
DEF Defense n/a n/a 2119
AGI Agility n/a n/a 3783
TAC Tactic n/a n/a 3016

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