Big Bear R4
Big Bear R4
Evolution Line
Big Bear UC1Big Bear UC2
Big Bear R3Big Bear R4
Rarity Rare
Evolution 4
Faction Oktober Guard Oktober Rocketeer
File Name Rostoff, Grigori
Big Blast: Deal ATK-based damage to 3 random targets. (11-30%)
Big Bear grew up in a place where the conditions are cold, wet, and nasty-every day! He can be meaner than a Siberian wolf and more wily than a Murmansk fur merchant. Though he gripes about being referred to as a "G.I. JOE counterpart," he gladly fights alongside his American allies.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 2892 unknown unknown
ATK Attack 2388 unknown unknown
DEF Defense 3168 unknown unknown
AGI Agility 2940 unknown unknown
TAC Tactic 2928 unknown unknown

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