Big Boa C1
Evolution Line
Big Boa C1
Rarity Common
Evolution 1
Faction Cobra Trainer
File Name Classified
Heavy Weapons: Raise ATK of self and adjacent units. (32-100%)
Cobra troopers can be an unruly bunch. They aren't motivated by patriotism, unit loyalty, honor or sense of duty. It takes a brutal, unfeeling taskmaster to whip them into fighting trim and Big Boa fits the bill to a tree. He has a voice like a bullhorn, fists the size of frozen turkeys and the disposition of a rabid grizzly bear.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 580 2300 2300
ATK Attack 660 2640 2640
DEF Defense 360 1440 1440
AGI Agility 340 1380 1380
TAC Tactic 360 1450 1450