Billy Kessler EP2
[[File:|300px|center]] Evolution Line
Billy Kessler EP1Billy Kessler EP2
Billy Kessler L3Billy Kessler L4
Rarity EP
Evolution 2
Faction Ninja
File Name Billy Kessler
Falling Leaves: Deal AGI damage to four random enemies and lower AGI. (11-30%)

Vision is not Clarity: Deal heavy ATK damage to two enemies. (11-30%)

Few agents can claim a more tangled or troubled past than the son of Cobra Commander. Billy Kessler, trained by Storm Shadow, failed assasin of his father, and permanently wounded by Scrap Iron, now fights for freedom as an agent of G.I. Joe's Ninja Force.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP unknown unknown 11934
ATK Attack unknown unknown 10296
DEF Defense unknown unknown 9854
AGI Agility unknown unknown unknown
TAC Tactic unknown unknown 9711

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