• Lanthoriel

    I used to do this in forum post, but now that I think about it, it is probably better to do it as blog.  After each event or new card release, there's generally a discussion of the new cards and how to medal them.  Without further ado ...

    WarSim Capture Event Card:

    Crimson Guard UC-R: Not really worth your time (one skill only).  TAC, though.

    HISS Driver R-EP: Bit better, this is 20% vehicle skill card.  But only that skill, so kinda ... bad.  If you want enhanced vehicle cards, there are several Super Soldiers that have 15 or 20% (Thrasher) as well as another skill.  TAC again.

    Blacklight R-EP: Okay, this one is interesting.  His instakill is pre-battle, so AGI is not a factor.  His self ATK boost is 1) not that necessary (he has a very high …

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  • Lanthoriel

    Continuing from last month, here's my pulls plus Laird's pulls from February:

    Bronze: 1426

    Rare: BAT (SS) R2. Lady Jaye (FF) R2, 2x Major Bludd R2, Falcon R2, Tomax (SS) R2, Snow Job (SS) R1, Croc Master (SS) R1, Baroness R2, 3x Roadblock R1, Muttt & Junkyard R2, Budo R2, Xamot R2, Psyche Out R2, 2x Tomax (SS) R1, Countdown R2, Interrogator (SS) R2, Snake Eyes R2, Payload R2, 2x Sci-Fi R2, Flint R2, Cobra Commander R1, Lowlight R1, Crimson Guardsman R2, Hawk R1, Chuckles R2, Daina R1, Snow Job (SS) R2, Firefly R1, Chuckles R1, Flak Viper (SS) R2, Serpentor R1, Budo R1, Destro R2, Scarlett (SS) R2, Salvo R2

    Epic: Cobra Commander EP3

    Legendary: Scarlett L1

    Silver: 2016

    Rare: 2x Xamot (SS) R2, Major Bludd R1, 2x Xamot (SS) R1, Interrogator (SS) R2,…

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  • Lanthoriel

    I'm using this space to post the notable (non-C/UC) pulls from the Elite Tokens for January.

    Total: 710


    Ozone UC1 - 57

    Ozone UC2 - 43

    Ozone R3 - 2

    Ozone R4 - 2

    Roadblock R2 - 1

    Roadblock EP3 - 1

    Roadblock EP4 - 1


    Wild Bill R2, Baroness R2, Flint R2, Tomax R2, Destro R1, Salvo R2, Hawk R1, Xamot (SS) R2

    Here's the pull rates for Silver/Bronze Tokens:

    Silver: 130

    Dice R2, Psyche-Out R1, Lady Jaye R2, Toxo-Viper R1, Toxo-Viper R2

    Bronze: 194

    TARGAT R1, Alley Viper (SS) R2, Xamot (SS) R2, Spirit (SS) R1, Chuckles R1

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  • Lanthoriel

    Since we've got an extended double XP period, and a lot of new cards in the game, I thought I'd talk about levelling and promotion now.  Just the basics; a cookie cutter guide to how to produce good EP4s.

    Let's start with the basic format of making an EP4.

    A +---> B' +---> C' +---> E' == EP4

    This is the contracted basic version.  Let's expand terms and define.

    You need UP to 8 R1s.  We'll call these A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H.

    +---> represents a promotion, with the one on the right being the secondary, and the one on the left being the primary.

    A +---> B' +---> (C' +---> D") +----> [(E' +---> F") +---> (G" +---> H*)]

    This is the promotion sequence for a PE or Perfect Evolution, EP4.  The ' denotes that a card is a secondary once (and thus contrib…

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  • Lanthoriel

    Blame for this post entirely belongs to Jalsbury.  He planted the seed; it bloomed in my head.

    The General Theory of Ammunition:

    The usage of ammunition in G.I. Joe can be encapsulated in the following equation:

    B = (3Z + 4H + C - L - W)/(E-S)

    Where Z = # of times slept
    H = hours online
    C = ammo consumed from stockpiles (reloads)
    L = non-streak generating battles, aka losses
    W = other waste
    S = streak modifier (average ammo/battle gained)
    E = efficiency modifier (average ammo/battle used)

    Specifically, if your average streak length is the following, S =
    3: 1/3
    6: 2/6 = 1/3
    9: 3/9 = 1/3
    12: 5/12
    15: 7/15
    18: 9/18 = 1/2
    21: 11/21
    24: 13/24
    27: 15/27 = 5/9
    30: 17/30

    During Global Warfare, it is:
    3: 1/3
    6: 3/6 = 1/2
    9: 5/9
    12: 7/12
    15: 9/15 = 3/5
    18: 11/18
    21: 13/21
    24: 15…

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  • Lanthoriel

    Sub-Optimal Promotions

    November 16, 2013 by Lanthoriel

    Because I don't have the time, it seems, to sit down and make a full write-up of how to make PE/OPE/POPE cards at the moment, I thought I'd make a nice little entry on something of interest to the GI Joe Community:

    Sub-Optimal Evolutions

    At first, you might think that no one would want a sub-optimal card, right?  But HOW sub-optimal are they, really?

    Let's look at the Promotion process:

    (((A + B) + C) + D)

    We have at most three chances to promote.  At each promotion, 10% of the secondary card's stats are added as a bonus to the primary card, and the primary card gains a star, possibly increasing its rarity and increasing its base stats (though not always its current stats!).

    The first Promotion is A+B; the second is (A+B) + C; the third and fina…

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  • Soldierzero00

    selling account

    September 12, 2013 by Soldierzero00

    If interested contact me via pm.

    I'll give you all the info (medals, recruits, items...)

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  • DeadpoolMerc

    Well to steal SoldierZero's idea here is my For Trade & Wish List until DeNa/Mobage get something together in game.


    Lady Jaye EP4 (currenlty lvl 89)

    BAT R2 lvl 70

    Crimson Guard R2 lvl 70

    Crimson Guard R2 lvl 1

    Baroness R2 (currently lvl 43)

    Shipwreck R2

    2 Shipwreck R1

    2 BAT R1

    2 BAT R2

    2 Crimson Guard R1

    Xamot R1

    Lady Jaye R1

    Gung Ho R3

    Laser Viper R3

    Chuckles R1

    2 Chuckles R2

    3 Dr Mindbender R2

    Dr Mindbender R1

    Maj Bludd R2

    4 Mainframe R4

    3 Gung Ho R4

    3 Laser Viper R4

    Falcon R2

    Bazooka R1



    Roadblock (EP3, EP4)

    Snake Eyes R1

    Storm Shadow (Elite) (R1, R2, or R3)

    Major Bludd R1

    Beachhead (R2, R3)

    Hawk (R1 or R2)

    Jinx (R3, R4)

    Dr. Mindbender R1

    Serpentor R1

    Scarlett R2

    Flint (R1, R2, or R3)

    Zanzibar (UC1, UC2, or R3)

    Road Pig (R2, EP3, EP4)

    Metal-Head (R…

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  • Soldierzero00

    My Trade Room

    August 24, 2013 by Soldierzero00

    We all want to trade our recruits...but unfortunately we can't yet.

    So in the meanwhile that The Devs (Tryptonite, please...) add this primary and useful option...i'm working on my wishlist / to trade.

    These are the best recruits that i have to trade:

    3 Snake Eyes (Event) R1

    1 Destro (Event) R2 (properly evolved)

    1 Scarlet R2 (properly evolved)

    2 Tunnel Rat R1

    3 Dice R1

    2 Storm Shadows (Elite) EP4 (already 4 star)

    1 Baroness EP4 (already 4 star)

    1 Scarlett (Tactics) EP1

    more to come...

    This is my Wish-list:

    3 Storm Shadow R1

    Zarana (Femme Fatale) R1

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  • Derek1826

    resuming mission

    August 22, 2013 by Derek1826

    it wont let me resume my mission and it keeps saying an error has occured please try again. is anybody else having this problem?

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  • Awazzzz

    Battleground on a Budget Blog

    Entry #1 - World War Dueling

    I just picked up seven Cobra Commanders from the first World War event without spending a dime.  On top of that, the World War duels give a silver coin for every set of three duels won, so it is a great opportunity to get more cards without buying a bunch of coins.  I now have enough Roadblocks to begin working on a PE.  I also gained the rank of Commander.  Good times!

    In order to do well in these events without cash, it is important to maximize the resources available.  Players generate three rounds of ammo every 45 minutes which is used for PVP combat.  All points in a world war come from PVP combat, so this is the focus.  If a player logs on 50 minutes after their last round, a th…

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  • RightOfMight

    Question-Dusty EP

    August 1, 2013 by RightOfMight

    How do so many people have so many Dusty EP's? Some have entire squads of him. Did I start the game too late and can no longer get him or am I just missing something?

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  • Bloodletters


    July 20, 2013 by Bloodletters

    Time to take over the world in GI JOE Battleground!

    So, I will try to get a really good Cobra team since it feels so good to be bad, but there will also be a Joe team for when the need arise. 

    More to come...

    The plan for world domination:

    Time is NOT of the Essence, but over a long time I will use three keys to success.

    1. Farming

    2. Fighting

    3. Trading

    More to come...

    The squad I'am using so far most of the time:

    More to come...

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  • DeadpoolMerc

    It's a beautiful thing to see my son, who is 9, be able to enjoy G.I. Joe as a kid.  Through the years G.I. Joe has come and gone.  I was lucky enough to be a kid in the 80's to enjoy G.I. Joe from the beginning.  I stopped collecting as I grew into my early teen years.  Then in 2001 I started to collect again briefly but stopped once my son was born in 2003 due to having a newborn.  I'm glad to see that G.I. Joe has stood the test of time like Transformers.  Even though G.I. Joe Battleground is a fairly simple game it is still fun and unique.  When I'm not playing my son will snag my iPad or S3 to play it.  Now we share in collecting G.I. Joe figures.  I wish they would make a full blown game for 360/PS3 again like they did for ROC but it…

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  • Soldierzero00

    I'm trying to collect and play a Dreadnoks deck, so far i've found:

    Zarana (R): The most agile card of this set; the best way to use it, is to place it in the middle of the deck so she can raise ATK of self and other 2 cards;  These are the PE stats: HP: 4680  ATK: 6643  DEF: 4901  AGI: 7982  TAC: 6578; obviously a good and agile offensive card, but be careful where you place it in your deck because it has low Hp and Def and can be defeated easily by upgraded Epic cards.

    • Skill "Heavy Weapons": Raise ATK of self and adjacent units (70%)

    Zanzibar (R): He was the "Veteran" Boss of the Dreadnoks Trials Event; Good ATK, HP and Skill (Unload), but he's slow...only for hardcore fans like me :) Too bad that he doesn't have the vehicle summon (Air Ski…

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