Copperhead C2
Evolution Line
Copperhead C1Copperhead C2
Rarity Common
Evolution 2
Faction Water Moccasin Pilot
File Name Classified
Crippling Blow: Deal damage and stun one foe for one turn. (11-30%)
It is presumed tha Copperhead is native to or otherwise intimately familiar with the Everglades. Intelligence Sources venture a guess that he races in Monaco ang Japan. Odds are tat he got started by placing bets on his own races. He then worsened his folly by selling his services to Cobra!
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 480 1908 unknown
ATK Attack 516 2052 unknown
DEF Defense 612 2460 unknown
AGI Agility 660 2640 unknown
TAC Tactic 564 2256 unknown

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