Crazylegs EP1
Crazylegs EP1
Evolution Line
Crazylegs EP1Crazylegs EP2
Crazylegs L3Crazylegs L4
Rarity Epic
Evolution 1
Faction G.I. Joe Assault Trooper
File Name Thomas, David O.
Hot LZ!: Heavily raise ATK and DEF of self and adjacent units. (32-70%) [ed: for 60% of TAC]
Crazylegs could have been an organist if his fingers hadn't been too short. The Airborne Rangers don't care how perfectly you can play Bach; they're only concerned with your willingness to jump out of a helicopter into a hot landing zone with nothing but a rifle, a couple of grenades and the best wishes of your commanding officer.
Base Max
Regaining HP Regaining HP 3890 8500
ATK Attack 3650 7980
DEF Defense 4890 10690
AGI Agility 5170 6600
TAC Tactic 5350 9760

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