Crimson Guard Commander R2
Crimson Guard Commander R2
Evolution Line
Crimson Guard Commander R1Crimson Guard Commander R2
Crimson Guard Commander EP3Crimson Guard Commander EP4
Rarity Rare
Evolution 2
Faction Cobra Elite Officer
File Name Various
Extreme Prejudice: Deal massive damage to 1 enemy. (11-30%)

Cobra Reign (LOCKED): The Cobra Attack Tank deals heavy damage to three targets. (5-10%)

Crimson Guard Commanders are good at hat they do, there's no denying that. Even Duke admits they are some of the toughest cobra soldiers he's ever had the displeasure of dealing with, especially when they are armed with their weapon of choice: modified AK-47 laser assault rifles!
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP n/a n/a 9451
ATK Attack n/a n/a 10790
DEF Defense n/a n/a 5720
AGI Agility n/a n/a 5980
TAC Tactic n/a n/a 5759

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