Destro EP4
Evolution Line
Destro R1Destro R2
Destro EP3Destro EP4
Rarity Epic
Evolution 4
Faction Cobra Weapons Supplier
File Name James McCullen
Bullet Storm - Deal damage to six random targets. (11-30%)
POGO Cover Fire - The POGO deals heavy damage to three random targets with a chance to stun (5-10%)
A major weapons supplier to Cobra, Destro takes a personal interest in the success of the evil organization's undertakings. This is a man who understands power, and the ruthless actions needed to keep it. He heads to the far north with Baroness to take over a Russian missile silo, as part of a CObra plan to control the world.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 3888 8776 unknown
ATK Attack 3948 8920 unknown
DEF Defense 2364 5322 unknown
AGI Agility 3408 7670 unknown
TAC Tactic 4464 10076 unknown

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