Dial-Tone (SS) R1
Dial-Tone SS R1
Evolution Line
Dial-Tone (SS) R1Dial-Tone (SS) R2
Dial-Tone (SS) EP3Dial-Tone (SS) EP4
Rarity Rare
Evolution 1
Faction G.I. Joe Communications
File Name Morelli, Jack S.
Overwatcher: Always raise the TAC of all friendly targets. (50-100%)
DT Destruction (LOCKED): The Equalizer deals heavy damage to four random targets. (8-20%)
Dial-Tone built his own crystal set when he was ten. By fourteen he was part of a CB net, and had his own equipment. He saw the army as a means to furthering his education in his chosen field and quickly found that instead of a stepping stone, it was a goal in itself. Manning a radio in the field wasn't just passing time - it was a job with a purpose.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 3350 7540 n/a
ATK Attack 2350 5290 n/a
DEF Defense 3790 8540 n/a
AGI Agility 2320 6530 n/a
TAC Tactic 2160 9100 n/a

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