Dice EP4
Evolution Line
Dice R1Dice R2
Dice EP3Dice EP4
Rarity Epic
Evolution 4
Faction Cobra Bo-Staff Ninja
File Name Classified
Counterattack: Take damage in place of an adjacent unit and counter. (12-50%)
Rumor has it that Dice was once a Cobra Night-Creeper, but was kicked out for being too evil! Dice operates as a partner to the Cobra Ninja Swordsman Slice, specializing in choke holds, pressure points, snares, traps, blunt weaponry, and eye-gouging. His most dreaded technique is a motion he calls the "Flying Dragon".
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 4296 unknown 12874*
ATK Attack 4104 unknown 9251
DEF Defense 4044 unknown 13259*
AGI Agility 3972 unknown 6324
TAC Tactic 4296 unknown 9599

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