Dojo R4
Dojo R4
Evolution Line
Dojo UC1Dojo UC2
Dojo R3Dojo R4
Rarity Rare
Evolution 4
Faction G.I. Joe Silent Weapons Ninja
File Name Russo, Michael P.
Kusarigama Battle Patter: Deal AGI damage and lower the DEF, TAC, and AGI of all foes. (11-30%)
Brawler: The Brawler deals heavy damage to four targets. (8-20%)
Dojo was the secret pupil of a Ninja master in hiding before joining G.I. JOE's Ninja Force. The most talkative of the Ninja Force fighters, Dojo believes that a steady patter disrupts the thoughts of his opponent, setting them up for his surprise "Lightning Strike" maneuver. He can often be seen driving the G.I. JOE Brawler.
Base Max Perfect Evolve 6-1
Regaining HP Regaining HP 3564 7920 9559 9555
ATK Attack 4176 9288 11210 11206
DEF Defense 2268 5052 6093 6091
AGI Agility 3672 8160 9916 9912
TAC Tactic 3516 10140 12240 12235

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