Dr. Mindbender R1
Evolution Line
Dr. Mindbender R1Dr. Mindbender R2
Rarity Rare
Evolution 1
Faction Mind Control Master
File Name Classified
Allied Assault: Attack in tandem with an adjacent unit (11%-30%).
Dr. Mindbender was at one an excellent orthodontist and a very kindand honest man. Tinkering with electric brainwave stimulation as ameans of relieving dental pain, the good doctor made the tragic mistake of experimenting on himself. He underwent a complete personality change and became hateful, deceitful, and vain!
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 2010 unknown unknown
ATK Attack 2320 unknown unknown
DEF Defense 1410 unknown unknown
AGI Agility 2690 unknown unknown
TAC Tactic 2020 unknown unknown

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