Frostbite EP4
Frostbite EP4
Evolution Line
Frostbite R1Frostbite R2
Frostbite EP3Frostbite EP4
Rarity Epic
Evolution 4
Faction G.I. Joe Cat Driver
File Name Seward, Farley S.
Serious Snowballs: Deal TAC-based damage to five random targets. (11-30%)
Snow Cat Squall (LOCKED): The Snow Cat deals heavy TAC damage to three random targets. (6-15%)
Frostbite was born in a place where summer is a myth and a crowd consisted of two people standing on the same acre. After a stint on the pipeline where the -40 degree weather wasn't challenging enough, he joined the army where he learned to drive every known vehicle used by the United States Armed Forces.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP unknown unknown unknown
ATK Attack unknown unknown unknown
DEF Defense unknown unknown unknown
AGI Agility unknown unknown unknown
TAC Tactic unknown unknown unknown

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