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Manual of Style
This Manual of Style is here to help keep articles in G.I. Joe: Battleground Wiki clean and uniform in formatting. For information on the most basic writing techniques and styles used in this wiki, see Wikipedia's Manual of Style. If you are new to wikis, you may want to read the tutorial. You may go to our sandbox if you would like to practice editing or formatting without changing any serious content.

Card Naming ConventionEdit

The format for naming a card will be as follow:

Card Name_(Elite)/none_C/UC/R/EP/L-Card Number_(Leader)/none

Here are a few examples:

Card PageEdit

Please use the createbox below to create a new card page.

Template:Card will be loaded automatically with the following syntax:

| image = 
| rarity = 
| evolution = 
| faction = 
| filename = 
| skill = 
| bio = 
| evo 1 = 
| evo 2 = 
| evo 3 = 
| evo 4 = 
| base regaining hp = 
| max regaining hp = 
| pe regaining hp = 
| basic atk = 
| max atk = 
| pe atk = 
| basic def = 
| max def = 
| pe def = 
| basic tac = 
| max tac = 
| pe tac = 
| basic agi = 
| max agi = 
| pe agi = 

Evolution is the number of stars and evo 1 to 4 are the evolution line according to the number of stars.

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