Iceberg R4
Iceberg R4
Evolution Line
Iceberg UC1Iceberg UC2
Iceberg R3Iceberg R4
Rarity Rare
Evolution 4
Faction G.I. Joe Snow Trooper
File Name Nash, Clifton L.
Ice Machete Yard Sale: Deal heavy AGI-based damage to two targets. (11-30%)
Shreddin' the Gnar: Raise AGI of self and adjacent units. (32-70%)
Iceberg hates hot weather. In Brownsville in the summer, you can spit on the side walk and watch it sizzle. While other kids saved up for bicycles, Iceberg saved up for an air conditioner. When he was old enough to enlist, he signed up and asked for duty in Alaska. He had found his element.
Base Max Perfect Evolve 6-1
Regaining HP Regaining HP 3144 7092 8512 8509
ATK Attack 3240 7272 8731 8727
DEF Defense 2016 4548 5461 5458
AGI Agility 3360 7560 9076 9072
TAC Tactic 2916 8520 10230 10226

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