Interrogator (Super Soldier) EP3
Interrogator (Super Soldier) EP3
Evolution Line
Interrogator (Super Soldier) R1Interrogator (Super Soldier) R2
Interrogator (Super Soldier) EP3Interrogator (Super Soldier) EP4
Rarity Epic
Evolution 3
Faction Cobra Battle Copter Pilot
File Name Classified
Interrogate: Lower ATK and AGI of all targets. (32-70%)

Mamba Missile Mayhem (LOCKED): The Cobra Mamba deals moderate damage to all targets. (5-10%)

His past is shrouded in mystery. Was he the notorious former head of security for a deposed third world dictator? A renegade clinical psychologist? Nobody knows for sure, but what they do know is that Interrogator can siphon information out of even the most obstinate prisoner simply by talking to him.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 3230 7070 8232
ATK Attack 3860 8450 9839
DEF Defense 3520 7710 8777
AGI Agility 2980 11420 13193
TAC Tactic 3530 10610 12066

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