• Your Items
View your possessions to examine and use any items you've collected.  If you can't hold more of a given item, it will be places in the surplus.  Items for use on captives can only be used after defeating them in battle (note: not all enemies can be captured after defeat).  Any recruitment tokens you've found will not appear in your list of items, but can see them on the Recruitment Screen.

  • Item Descriptions
A standard, military ration that restores energy.  Can be used in or out of a zone.
Standard-issue medical supplies for the battlefied.  Fully restores the HP of one unit.
A small generator with paddles that resuscitates an unconscious unit.  Revives one unconscious unit.
A second-wind that blows through the battlefield in your favour which both revives and fully restores the HP of your squad.
Restores 1 point of ammo.
Fully restores ammo.

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