Nitro Viper R3
Nitro Viper R3
Evolution Line
Nitro Viper UC1Nitro Viper UC2
Nitro Viper R3Nitro Viper R4
Rarity 3
Evolution Rare
Faction Cobra Detonator Driver
File Name Unknown
Detonate: Deal damage to 6 random enemies. (11-30%)
Prospective NITRO-VIPERS are required to exhibit their ruthlessness by blowing up video game arcades and amusement parks. NITRO-VIPERS enjoy blowing things up so much that other COBRA Troopers and Vipers give them a wide berth.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 1800 3990 4457
ATK Attack 2200 4890 5414
DEF Defense 2250 4990 5579
AGI Agility 1490 4410 5040
TAC Tactic 1490 3680 4204

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