Nitro Viper R4
Nitro Viper R4
Evolution Line
Nitro Viper UC1Nitro Viper UC2
Nitro Viper R3Nitro Viper R4
Rarity 4
Evolution Rare
Faction Cobra Detonator Driver
File Name Unknown
Detonate: Deal damage to 6 random enemies. (11-30%)
Prospective NITRO-VIPERS are required to exhibit their ruthlessness by blowing up video game arcades and amusement parks. NITRO-VIPERS enjoy blowing things up so much that other COBRA Troopers and Vipers give them a wide berth.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP n/a n/a 6385
ATK Attack n/a n/a 7765
DEF Defense n/a n/a 7135
AGI Agility n/a n/a 7197
TAC Tactic n/a n/a 6003

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