Recoil R2
Recoil R2
Evolution Line
Recoil R1Recoil R2
Rarity Rare
Evolution 2
Faction G.I. Joe Long Range Recon
File Name Joseph Felton
Quick Shots: Deal heavy AGI-based damage to three random targets. (11-30%)
Recoil was a marathon runner and professional bodybuilder before he joined G.I. Joe. His excellent physical shape put him in good stead to be a Lurp. A Lurp sneaks out into the bush carrying 100 pounds of gear, including rations, radio, weapons, ammo and climbing rope. He is expected to penetrate deep within enemy territory.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 2268 unknown unknown
ATK Attack 2004 unknown unknown
DEF Defense 2496 unknown unknown
AGI Agility 1308 unknown unknown
TAC Tactic 2040 unknown unknown

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