Rip Cord UC1
Evolution Line
Rip Cord UC1Rip Cord UC2
Rarity Uncommon
Evolution 1
Faction G.I. Joe HALO Jumper
File Name Weems, Wallace A.
Bone Breaker: Deal massive damage to one foe. (11-30%)
Rip Cord joined the Civil Air Patrol in high school. Discovered skydiving and joined the G.I. Joe team so he could jump from much higher altitudes. Qualified expert: M-16; M-1911A1 Auto Pistol; Carl Gustav 9mm parabellum; Browning high-power.
Base Max
Regaining HP Regaining HP 1090 2740
ATK Attack 890 2230
DEF Defense 1180 2960
AGI Agility 650 1640
TAC Tactic 860 2160

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