Ripper (Elite) UC2
Ripper (Elite) UC2
Evolution Line
Ripper (Elite) UC1Ripper (Elite) UC2
Ripper (Elite) R3Ripper (Elite) R4
Rarity Uncommon
Evolution 2
Faction Cobra Dreadnok Thug
File Name Nod, Harry
Makeshift Mauler: Deal heavy ATK-based damage to two targets. (11-30%)
Dreadnok Raid (LOCKED): The Dreadnok Thunder Machine deals damage to six random targets. (5-10%)
Anti-social and proud of it, Ripper was blacklisted from every outlaw biker gang in his native Tasmania for excessive nastiness and inadequate personal hygiene. He hates almost everything and everyone, and he likes nothing better than ripping things to shreds with crude, sharp-edged tools.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 2124 4824 5226
ATK Attack 2604 5916 6409
DEF Defense 3192 7248 7852
AGI Agility 2532 3360 3640
TAC Tactic 2160 4080 4420

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