Scarlett L2
Scarlett L2
Evolution Line
Scarlett L1Scarlett L2
Rarity Legendary
Evolution 2
Faction Counter-Intelligence
File Name O'Hara, Shana M.
Bolts and Blades: Deal AGI-based damage to four targets with a chance to destroy.

Calamity Rockets: The Skystriker deals moderate damage to all targets.

Scarlett began her training at age 9 and was awarded her first black belt at age 15. Graduated: Advanced Infantry Training and Ranger School. Special Ed.: Covert Ops School; Marine Sniper School; Special Air Service School; Marine Tae Kwan Do Symposium; Expert in multiple melee and ranged weapons, including the crossbow.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 5892 unknown 12779
ATK Attack 7140 unknown 15483
DEF Defense 7092 unknown 15353
AGI Agility 6228 unknown 16874
TAC Tactic 5340 unknown 21684

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