Snake Eyes (Nanzhao Showdown) EP1
Snake Eyes (Nanzhao Showdown) EP1
Evolution Line
Snake Eyes (Nanzhao Showdown) EP1Snake Eyes (Nanzhao Showdown) EP2
Snake Eyes (Nanzhao Showdown) L3Snake Eyes (Nanzhao Showdown) L4
Rarity Epic
Evolution 1
Faction Commando
File Name Classified
The Sleeping Phoenix: Restore your HP. (32 - 70%)

Arashikage Blitz: Often deal AGI-based damage to 8 random targets. (15 - 40%)

A tragic helicopter mission took away Snake Eyes' voice and scarred his face so he communicates with sign language and never removes his mask around others. He studied mystical martial arts with the Arashikage clan, the family of his sword brother Storm Shadow.
Base Max
Regaining HP Regaining HP 3370 7380
ATK Attack 4050 8850
DEF Defense 3470 7600
AGI Agility 3530 13520
TAC Tactic 2890 8680

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