• Squad Overview
Band a group of units into a squad to explore a zone.  You can form up to three squads; a Joe, a Cobra and a mixed squad.  You cannot adjust a squad or change formations once within a zone.  You can drag and drop units to assign their positions.  When selecting "Auto Squad", your leader will always be placed at the center of the reserve.
  • Auto Squad
Brigade Overview
A brigade is made up of a party, broken down into front, center, and rear positions, and a reserve.  Cannot be changed while in a zone.
  • Position
The foremost position in a party.  Units in the front deal more damage, but they also take more in return.
The center position in a squad.
The backmost position in a squad.  Units in the rear take less damage, but they deal less too.
  • Front Line
The units in the forward, fighting lines of a squad.
  • The Reserve
Reserve Overview
Units in the reserve stand behind the front line.  Each reserve position can hold a single unit.  If a unit in the front line falls unconscious during battle, it is automatically replaced with a conscious unit from the reserve (if available) at the end of the battle.
You can swap units between the front line and the reserve while exploring a zone.  The number of circles at the bottom of each character indicates the number of characters in reserve.  Units in reserve regain HP with each step, so it's a good idea to place wounded units in reserve.
  • Formation
Formation Overview
Each squad marches to battle in a given formation.  Occassionally you'll learn a new formation after clearing a zone.