Steeler UC1
Steeler UC1
Evolution Line
Steeler UC1Steeler UC2
Steeler R3Steeler R4
Rarity Uncommon
Evolution 1
Faction G.I. Joe Tank Commander
File Name Pulaski, Ralph W.
Telescopic Visor: Cripple the DEF of a single target. (40-80%)
MOBAT Master (LOCKED): The MOBAT deals massive damage to two random targets. (6-10%)
One of the original GI JOEs, Steeler has taken part in countless operations against Cobra. He is a tough and dedicated soldier, but he often clashes with authority figures. Used to proving his mettle through physical contests, Steeler frequently challenges team members to tests of strength and stamina.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 2610 5930 n/a
ATK Attack 2110 4790 n/a
DEF Defense 3710 8430 n/a
AGI Agility 2570 3410 n/a
TAC Tactic 2740 5190 n/a

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