Tele-Viper (SS) EP3
Tele-Viper (SS) EP3
Evolution Line
Tele-Viper (SS) R1Tele-Viper (SS) R2
Tele-Viper (SS) EP3Tele-Viper (SS) EP4
Rarity Epic
Evolution 3
Faction Cobra Communications
File Name Various
Paint the Target: Deal TAC damage to three targets and heavily lower AGI. (15-40%)
Tele-Viper Terror (LOCKED): The Cobra IMP deals massive damage to two targets. (5-10%)
He's the RTO of Python Patrol's ground forces. Tele-Viper is equipped with a modular radio pack that contains all new, sophisticated radar-jamming devices. He carries digital scramblers/decoders and low-speed recording decks for ultra-high speed burst transmissions, enable Cobra personnel to communicate rapidly.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP unknown unknown 10812
ATK Attack unknown unknown 9886
DEF Defense unknown unknown 12404
AGI Agility unknown unknown 10881
TAC Tactic unknown unknown 13917

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