Torch (Cold Slither) R3
Torch (Cold Slither) R3
Evolution Line
Torch (Cold Slither) UC1Torch (Cold Slither) UC2
Torch (Cold Slither) R3Torch (Cold Slither) R4
Rarity Rare
Evolution 3
Faction Cobra Dreadnok
File Name Winken, Tom
Armor Cutter: Deal heavy ATK damage to a single target and cripple TAC. (11-30%)
Harsh Language: Raise all allies' ATK when struck. (50-100%)
Torch loves to take apart complicated mechanical objects in the least complicated manner possible?slicing them into scrap metal with his customized cutting torch (which can also function as a weapon). He doesn't find pleasure in wanton destruction as much as he finds an inadequate relief, like scratching a mosquito bite while
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 3170 7040 8052
ATK Attack 3600 7990 9140
DEF Defense 2970 6600 7548
AGI Agility 2180 6460 7389
TAC Tactic 2420 5990 6850

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