I used to do this in forum post, but now that I think about it, it is probably better to do it as blog.  After each event or new card release, there's generally a discussion of the new cards and how to medal them.  Without further ado ...

WarSim Capture Event Card:

Crimson Guard UC-R: Not really worth your time (one skill only).  TAC, though.

HISS Driver R-EP: Bit better, this is 20% vehicle skill card.  But only that skill, so kinda ... bad.  If you want enhanced vehicle cards, there are several Super Soldiers that have 15 or 20% (Thrasher) as well as another skill.  TAC again.

Blacklight R-EP: Okay, this one is interesting.  His instakill is pre-battle, so AGI is not a factor.  His self ATK boost is 1) not that necessary (he has a very high ATK) and 2) apparently 'heavy', so I honestly don't think TAC is absolutely needed.  HP and DEF are low to midrange (10k-12k).  If you plan on using him in a 'serious' squad, with a DEF buffer (Overkill, original CC, NI), then I'd do HP; if he is going in without buffs or as a full Blacklight/destroy lineup, DEF is his lowest survival stat.

Krake R-EP: Oh look, it's Cobra Eel.  Only his main skill is AGI instead of ATK based, and that's good for a Sabo card.  AGI all the way.

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