Venomous Maximus L3
Venomous Maximus L3
Evolution Line
Venomous Maximus EP1Venomous Maximus EP2
Venomous Maximus L3Venomous Maximus L4
Rarity Legendary
Evolution 3
Faction Cobra V-Troop Overlord
File Name Abernathy, Clayton
Crushing Pounce: Deal Deal heavy ATK damage to up to 3 foes with a chance to destroy. (15 - 30%)

Berzerker Cry: Lower the ATK, TAC, and AGI of up to 3 targets. (32 - 70%)

The ultimate creation of Dr. Mindbender's evilution program, Venomous Maximus is a fiendish hybrid developed from the recombined DNA of his most formidable V-Troops with none other than General Hawk! Reptilian cold-bloodedness, insectile purpose, feral savagery, and Hawk's peerless tactical acumen combine to create
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP unknown unknown 16194
ATK Attack unknown unknown 19868
DEF Defense unknown unknown 17146
AGI Agility unknown unknown 15424
TAC Tactic unknown unknown 18940

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