Zartan R1
Evolution Line
Zartan R1Zartan R2
Zartan EP3Zartan EP4
Rarity Rare
Evolution 1
Faction Cobra Master of Disguise
File Name Classified
Onslaught: Deal TAC-Based damage to six random targets (11-30%).

Cataclysmic Missile (Locked): The Nightraven deals moderate damage to all targets.

Zartan can alter his skin color at will to blend in with his environment. He is also a master of make up and disguise, ventriloquist, a linguist (over 20 languages and dialects), an acrobat-contortionist and a practitioner of several mystic martial arts. Very little is known of his background and origins.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 1880 4230 n/a
ATK Attack 2440 5480 n/a
DEF Defense 1870 4200 n/a
AGI Agility 2980 6700 n/a
TAC Tactic 3040 6830 n/a